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Wendy's Custom Parrot Food
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     When we first started Wendy's Winged Companions Aviary and began raising our first few baby  birds. we quickly discovered that it was very hard to find affordable and healthy natural food for either our pets or our breeding birds.  Fortunately, we ran into a small local business in Florida that made custom exotic bird mixes.  We started buying several different mixes from them and mixing them together ourselves, making sure our bird's got a complete diet.  We later worked with this same businessman to create Custom Seed mixes for both our large and small birds, which he supplied for us.  When we relocated to North Carolina, shipping from Florida was cost prohibitive, so we found a local mill to mix our formula, using primarily locally grown grain from North Carolina and Virginia. 

​   We also started adding Dr D's Avian Pellets into our Custom Seed mixes and the improvements in the health and productivity of our birds was obvious almost immediately.  We wean our birds onto our Custom mixes, providing them not only optimal nutrition, but also foraging opportunities in every bowl. Both our pets, and our breeders diets are supplemented by fresh fruits, and vegetables as well.

Check out our Custom Seed and Dr D's Avian Diet page to find affordable healthy diet's for your avian pets. 
Wendy with one of her baby Bronze wing Pionus.  

If you had one of these lovely intelligent birds you would want to provide the best quality food you could. 

We offer some choice quality food here that we feed to our avian friends. 
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