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     When we first started Wendy's Winged Companions Aviary and began raising our first few baby  birds. we quickly discovered that it was very hard to find affordable and healthy natural food for either our pets or our breeding birds.  

We became the Distributors for Dr D's Avian Pellets in the SouthEast United States (except for Florida) in July 2014. We strive to provide a quality Avian Pelleted Diet at an affordable price to Breeders and Avian owners alike. 

We have always and continue to encourage our bird owners to supplement their pet's diet with fresh foods, grains, vegetables daily for their benefit.  

Check out Dr D's Avian Diet page to find affordable healthy diet's for your avian pets. 
Wendy with one of her baby Bronze wing Pionus.  

If you had one of these lovely intelligent birds you would want to provide the best quality food you could. 

We recommend that you use Dr D's Avian Diet for your birds supplemented with healthy choices of fresh vegtables, fruits and grains.
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