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About Wendy's Custom Parrot Food
   Wendy's Custom Parrot Food came about after Wendy's Winged Companions Aviary started building a demand from customer's to keep their friendly, healthy and happy babies on the same food that they weaned to.  We believe in providing a quality diet for our birds and babies and encourage our owners do to the same.  In 2014, we moved to North Carolina from Florida and found that our Custom Seed mix was impractical to keep making in Florida, since the shipping cost was  prohibitive. This led to us partnering with a local mill to make our Custom Mixes, whereon  we received an additional bonus, finding that many of the items in our Custom Seed mixes were available from North Carolina and Virginia farmers.  The pelleted diet we used was also not available in North Carolina, causing us to become the distributor for the Southeast United States, (except Florida). 

   There are many different theories as to what is the best diet for your bird, and no one particular theory of diets is completely right in our opinion.  In the wild, parrots flock to the food that is available by season, whether it be fresh fruit, seed, insects or even meat scavenged from carcases in the wild.  Different species of parrots have different dietary needs.  We encourage you to research your breeds' diet on your own.  There are many resources available on the internet and many of them post conflicting data.  Thorough research though often will find some very authoritative sites with many actual observations of what different parrot's actually ate in the wild. 

   We believe that either a good staple of a seed based or pelleted diet supplemented with fresh natural foods is the best for your baby. A small amount of almost anything that is healthy for you to eat is acceptable for your avian friend.  There are several caveats to that statement, such as no caffeine, alcohol, apple seeds, avacados, limited or no sugar, salt, etc.  Fresh vegetables, fruit, legumes, cereal's, and even raw or cooked noodles are great for your avian friends.  Just make sure to set aside a little of the cooked item before you add all those things that are 'bad' for your health but great for taste - like butter, sauces, salt and pepper.  Those are the items that your Avian friend's body can't process correctly and can lead to diseases in your friends.

​   To that end we carry what we believe are healthy choices for both seed and pelleted diet.  Check out our Product pages and read about the ingredients of our offerings and how to order.  

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Chris & Wendy   
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